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Protect Against WannaCry: Microsoft Issues Patch for Unsupported Windows

In the wake of the largest ransomware attack in the history that had already infected over 114,000 Windows systems worldwide since last 24 hours, Microsoft just took an unusual step to protect its customers with out-of-date computers. Microsoft has just released an emergency security patch update for all its unsupported …

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Some Security Measures to Protect Your Servers

Introduction External and internal attackers day after day are menacing your networks. Many intelligent methods are discovered in order to get access and damage your server. Currently, the Sun Java system application server can’t be as beneficial as it was previously since the tactics used by those attackers are being …

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How to Protect Your Server Against the HTTPoxy Vulnerability

What Is HTTPoxy? On July 18th, a vulnerability named ‘HTTPoxy’ was announced, affecting some server‑side web applications that run in CGI or CGI‑like environments, such as some FastCGI configurations. Languages known to be affected so far include PHP, Python, and Go. A number of CVEs have been assigned, covering specific …

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Use Tor? Riffle promises to protect your privacy even better

Privacy-minded people have long relied on Tor for anonymity online, but a new system from MIT promises better protection and faster performance. Dubbed Riffle, the new system taps the same onion encryption technique after which Tor is named, but it adds two others as well. First is what’s called a …

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