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WannaCry Kill-Switch(ed)? It’s Not Over! WannaCry 2.0 Ransomware Arrives

If you are following the news, by now you might be aware that a security researcher has activated a “Kill Switch” which apparently stopped the WannaCry ransomware from spreading further. But it’s not true, neither the threat is over yet. However, the kill switch has just slowed down the infection …

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Everything You Need to Know on Tor & the Deep Web

Many people think that the whole of the internet can be accessed on their normal browsers such as Chrome, IE or Firefox. This is not the case. These mainstream browsers only give you access to 4% of the actual internet. There is a further 96% of hidden content in a …

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Terrorists Targeting Indian Government

The Potential threat, range from very narrow to very broad, posed by Cyber-Terrorism has provoked considerable alarm. Terrorists involved in Cyber Espionage and Operations aim at gaining access to Nation’s critical infrastructure involving both Government as well as Private sectors. The Frequency and Intensity of such Cyber-attacks are increasing rapidly …

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‘Dropbox Hacker’ Claims To Have 7 Million Passwords

Dropbox users, it may be time to update your passwords and enable two-factor authentication. A hacker claims to have stolen some 7 million usernames and passwords for the popular cloud-based file storage and sharing service. Someone posted a series of links on reddit Monday evening to files that purportedly contain …

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