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HOW TO RUN NOT WORKING APPS ON ROOTED ANDROID We all know how useful is a rooted android phone. Mostly when we want to gain access to several Android applications and require root menu access. But what happens when some apps refuse to run on rooted mobile phones.  Don’t worry, …

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Google Secretly Records Your Voice

OK, Google is Listening… and Recording too. Google is not just listening to your searches, but the search engine is also recording and storing every single voice search you make. Google is incredibly accurate at understanding your voice. The company secretly stores its users’ searches from its voice-activated assistant Google’s …

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How to Backup your WhatsApp data onGoogle Drive

The more we rely on our smartphones for every facet of our lives, the more risk there is of losing important data if your phone gets lost, stolen or destroyed. Android already has some backup services built in, but the massively popular chat client WhatsApp has just announced a partnership …

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How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow and When will Your Smartphone Get it?

The latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow update brings a whole host of new features, including Doze mode, App permissions, Google Now on Tap, “Do not disturb” setting, and easier volume controls, among other features. But, When will Your Smartphone Get Android 6.0 Marshmallow? Google Nexus devices are the first ones to …

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How to bypass Android’s lock screen pattern

The main reason to set up some sort of lock screen security on your smartphone is to keep strangers (or friends) from checking out your messages or private pictures. Beyond that, you don’t want anyone who dares to steal your phone to get full access to your mails, pictures or …

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How to Root

For those new to the world of rooting, acquiring root access essentially grants you elevated permissions. With root access, you are able to access and modify files that would normally be inaccessible, such as files stored on the /data and /system partitions. Having root access also allows you to run an entirely different class of …

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